Halloween 2018 At Linden Ave

I think this was the best Halloween Party in years! Although it was storming outside,
and the Trick-Or-Treaters were out the night before, everyone arrived in plenty of time
for food, wine, fun, and games. Most of the guests wore very nice costumes, and Gracie
stole the show by putting on a Day Of The Dead face at the guest makeup table. We had prizes
for Guessing The Tootsie Rolls (Rebecca won the Hourglass), best Jack-O-Lantern (Molly won
the Pumpkin Fairy Statue), Horror Movie Trivia Game (the Wicked Witch gave away an answer,
then miscounted, but Linda and Marilyn tied - Linda let Marilyn have the Wind Fairy Statue,
and Linda got four Pillow Covers from the consolation prize box). We were running too late
to play Monopoly, so we drew Tarot cards for the final prize. Danielle drew The Sun as the high
card, but she gave the card to Gracie, who got the Witch Fairy Statue (my favorite).
Ian played lots of NES Classic, and we had great fun and conversation.

After most guests had left, Hermione, Classy Doll, and The Warrior sat down for some
Tarot Card readings, done by the Wicked Witch of the West. That was interesting!

It was all so much fun - I can hardly wait until next year!

Danielle's Movies

Part 1 (Windows Media Video 31 MB)

Part 2 (Windows Media Video 33 MB)

Part 3 (Windows Media Video 38 MB)

Marilyn's Pictures

Helen - Renaissance Noble Lady

Robert - Wicked Witch Of The West

Rebecca - Classy Doll

Danielle - Hermione Granger
With Magic Wand And Broom

Gracie - The T-Rex

Molly And 'Party Monster' (Charlot)
Be careful with that knife, Molly!!

Gracie - Day Of The Dead Girl
She stole the show!

Molly and Ian - Fearsome Pirates

Hermione And The T-Rex

Classy Doll And The Wicked Witch

Hermione and the Wicked Witch
"Show us your underpinnings!"

Day Of The Dead Girl With Toto
Dorothy Gale never showed up...

Hermione And The T-Rex

Robert - The Chambermaid

Linda - Foxy Fox

Rebecca - Classy Doll

Hermione And The T-Rex

Renaissance Lady and the Wicked Witch

Linda's Pictures

Linda - Foxy Fox

Hermione And The T-Rex

Danielle's Pictures

Rebecca and Chance Share A Moment

Wicked Witch With New Apron

Pumpkins Waiting To Be Judged

Molly Wins Pumpkin Fairy Prize

Molly Says Goodbye

Gracie Puts On Day Of The Dead Face
At The Face-Painting Table

Above are my favorite pictures. However, you can download ALL the pictures here:
20181031 Halloween party Marilyn's Pictures.zip (8.5 Megabytes)
20181031 Halloween party Linda's Pictures.zip (314 Kilobytes)
20181031 Halloween party Danielle's Pictures.zip (32 Megabytes)